Leomund Desirable Residence

This badly designed ceramic model of a small cottage becomes a life-sized cottage (30’ by 20’) when the command word “Krizek” is spoken. It contains two cramped (10’ by 10’) bedrooms with two bunk-beds apiece, for a total of 8 beds. At the foot of each bed is a small trunk. It also has a small kitchenette, a fireplace, a desk, a table (not rosewood) with 8 place settings, two barred windows, and very bad decor.

The floor is covered in different shades (orange, maroon, and dark blue) Shag carpeting, and the drapes are clashing polka-dots and zebra stripes. At the center of the table is a small lamp that is warm to the touch, within which are blobs of a viscous liquid that slowly rise and fall in a hypnotic manner. Instead of interior doors, between each section are long strings of beads hung close together that must be pushed aside to walk through. Instead of a couch in front of the fireplace, there is a large floral print leather bag seemingly filled with something firm and giving which one sinks into comfortably if sat upon.

The cottage will remain embiggened until 9 hours have passed or until the command word Krizek is spoken again while no living creatures remain inside. After 9 hours the cottage collapses, crushing any living creatures remaining rather horribly.

The cottage has been used to transport a dragon’s hoard worth of coins, and there are still some coins that keep showing up in the shag carpeting.


Leomund Desirable Residence

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