Owned by party:

Shield of Evocation ProtectionChewie

Spider Kiss, short sword +1 (Attuned) – Lamyl

Longbow of Accuracy (Attuned) – Lesandra

Scroll of Stinking Cloud, 5th circle

Scroll of Fly, 5th circle

Scroll of Dispel Magic, 5th circle

Ring of Protection +1 (Attuned) – Lamyl

Ring of Necrotic Resistance (Attuned) -

Ring of Protection from Lower Planes (Attuned) – Lesandra

Amulet of Undead Creation (Attuned)

Ring of Free Action (Attuned) – Chewie

Scroll of Dispel Magic, 5th circle (used)

Scroll of Hold Person, 5th circle

Scroll of Melf’s Acid Arrow, 5th circle

Alchemy Jug

Robe of Useful Items -

Boots of Striding and Springing (Attuned) – Tremolo

Leomund Desirable Residence

Immovable Rod

Mirror of Poise (Attuned) – Raurel

Finslayer (Attuned) – Isty

Scrolls with prayer, cure wounds, heroes feast

Scroll of Invisibility, Knock, Dimension door, Fly

Lifestone – Chewie

Elven Chain Mail – Tremolo

Pig of Plenty

IceKill (Attuned) – Chewie

Goggles of NightChewie

Scroll: antimagic shell, magic missile, otiluke’s freezing sphere

Holy symbol containing: Tome of Wisdom (attuned) – Tremolo


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