Xantari's Night Below

Season 2 continued

The players in these sessions were Lamyl the human fighter, Tremolo the wood-gnome cleric, Chewie the dragonborn fighter, Harbek the dwarf fighter, and Raurel the half-elf bard. Harbek unfortunately met his end during this time, and the party was joined by Isty, the drow rogue.

The party returned to the underdark where they asked the Svirfneblin where they might acquire unworked crystal. The gnomes explained that they knew the general area of some veins of crystal, and would be willing to mine these for the party, but the party would need to make the path to the crystal safe before the gnomes would do so.

With a firm goal in mind, the party began their journey deeper into the underdark in search of adventure (but mostly crystal so they could get a better deal on keep restoration). The party first had to clear out a cavern full of dreadful Grell. The Grell gave them some trouble with paralyzation and grappling some members while floating away, but the party was able to exterminate all the Grell, including a hulking spell-casting Grell seated on some sort of pillar exuding traces of magic.

When resting between fights with the Grell, Harbek decided to go skinny-dipping in an underground pond. He was quickly grappled and pulled under by an enormous albino eel. He and the rest of the party were able to fend it off, but not before it had ripped off one of his legs below the knee. The party decided to head back to the Svirfneblin priestess, Carmeneren to see if she could heal him, but Harbek preferred not to be a burden to the rest of the group. Instead of carrying him back using a stretcher, he suggested using a magical item they had acquired from the bandits previously, a small ceramic house that would grow and shrink with a command word. This house had previously been used to store various treasure the group had picked up, and this treasure had shrunk with the house. Harbek was confident that he too would shrink with the house when it returned to its miniature size. Unfortunately, he was incorrect. With horrible snapping noises, he was crushed into a fine paste as his companions looked on in horror. With heavy hearts, the rest of the group buried what they could of him and continued on.


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