Xantari's Night Below

Session: Every additional one until the end of act 1

Sorry, I stopped taking good notes. Highlights reel!

The player of Gus created a new character, Chewie the Dragonborn fighter. Grimgor’s player created Harbik, Dwarven fighter. Also in these sessions were Lamyl the Human fighter, Lesandra the Human ranger, and Tremolo the Gnomish cleric.

The group made their way to Parlfrey’s Keep and searched for the pilgrims, finding the remains of the bodyguards, but the clerics had been kidnapped. They proceeded to follow hellhound tracks into a forest, and subsequently found that there was a cursed glad inside which they cleansed after fighting off a banshee.

Eventually, they got enough clues to look into Broken Spire Keep in the monster-infested-ish woods of The Thornwood. They halfway snuck in, killing lots of bandits, but then slept inside without taking enough precautions, and had a hard time with the priest leading the bandits, and his Orcish companions. They searched and found a secret passageway in the priest’s room leading to a cave network.

They stayed in the keep long enough for the moon to become full and were forced to flee into the cave network by Lamyl’s Bear Spirit, which had apparently materialized during the full moon. They fought it off, it being absorbed back into Lamyl when defeated, and explored the caves. They found a huge iron door requiring two keys (one of which they had received from the bandits), and some exits back into haranshire. They took a break from the caves to tell the townsfolk what had been happening and returned to Milbourne.

During their time in Milbourne, Chewie and Harbik purchased the burned down Silver Crown and rebuilt it as a brewery/casino/bar. They hired three saucy wenches from Thurmaster to bartend/deal cards. They bought some odd barley from Rastifer and rolled a critical on brewing, so the grog they brewed became the best tasting grog ever. Also, enchanted. Whoever drank it had random things happen to them. For some reason, the group felt it would be a good idea to give out free samples of this grog on the opening night of the tavern. It ended with the tavern burned down (again) and about half the town cursed and pissed off at them. They enlisted the aid of the party Cleric and an itinerant Cleric that wandered about the area to decurse/dispel the angry townsfolk during the next month, and started rebuilding the tavern for the third time, this time dubbed ‘The Crystal Wall’, based off one of the walls turning into crystal.

Unfortunately, one patron was missing. She had had the unfortunate luck to roll 1000 on a d1000 and had been ‘divided by zero’. She was now just a sprit that only Lamyl could see, and only on the nights around a full moon (Lamyl can see spirits by moonlight, because of bear spirit infection). When the full moon actually hit, the bear spirit attacked them again, and upon being defeated was absorbed into the missing patron, as the spirit was attempting to eat her at the time, so she was the closest to it when defeated.

The party, satisfied with their rest from adventuring, kept exploring the cave network and found the back entrance to a mine. They defeated some more priests and a warrior that were the head of another bandit gang and found the second key to the large iron door. Behind this door was a cavern FULL of Orcs. They defeated many, but took lots of damage and were forced to retreat when an orcish warleader started chasing them with his soldiers. The party used some inventive thinking at this point, Harbik pulling off a 20’ pit patch from a cloak of useful items, and Tremolo using an illusion to trick many orcs chasing them into falling down said pit and dying.

They camped outside the caves and returned the next day, finishing the remaining Orcs (and a tough Mind Flayer). They freed two orcish prisoners, one shepherd boy too scared to speak, and a Dwarf named Snagger who was a second cousin to Harbik. The group invited Snagger into their group, and he told them he was a prisoner with Jelenneth before she had been taken further down below. They started to continue further down the caves, but were surrounded by deep gnomes, who wanted to talk to them about their plans. That is where we left our adventuring group.


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