Xantari's Night Below

Session 4: Lured Into Darkness Pt. 2 – ‘Burn down the Tavern!’ interlude

PCs: Lesandra Human Ranger, Lamyl Human Fighter, Tremolo Gnome Cleric, Ar’Lii Wood-elf Bard, Grimgor Half-orc Barbarian , Gus Dragonborn Wizard

I did not take good notes on this session. The most interesting thing to happen was that Gus got food poisoning from repeatedly eating suspect meat-pies from a local tavern, threw up, was kicked out, swore enmity toward the owner, was banned for life, and attempted to burn down said tavern, unsuccessfully.

A few extra notes: Tremolo was trying to keep an eye on Gus to prevent him from carrying out his pyromaniac tendancies. Grimgor was working to help Gus carry out his pyromaniac tendancies.

I think Gus bought some alcohol from a neighboring village and attempted to use it as a molitov cocktail, but totally whiffed his throw (he’s also a weakling wizardly type) and just burned a bit of shrubbery, which alerted the constable, though Gus got away successfully.

Plotwise, the party saw an auction of a bunch of farm equipment, and found out that there was a new mire that recently sprung up in the farmland nearby which was causing lots of destruction for the people. Also, Gus bought a box of chickens. This was also important to the plot.


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