Xantari's Night Below

Lyrchwood Runaround

Once again, I didn’t take great notes for this session, so here goes what I can remember now.

The party went to Lyrchwood to investigate piles of dead animals that had shown up the previous week. There they met the indigenous lumberjacks of the area and were shown the somewhat grisly sites. Lamyl and Lesandra, being the more nature oriented characters, were able to tell that the animals had been killed by something big, and had not been eaten. Despite these inconsistencies, the party tracked a group of feral dogs that had been harassing the lumberjacks intermittently.

Gus got jumped by dogs a couple of times, knocking him out to be healed by the cleric, and this is the point where his player became disillusioned with playing a character that squishy. Other than that, the group had little trouble dispatching the feral dogs. Tremolo was not able to tame one to be his mount, sadly.


noctourn noctourn

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