Xantari's Night Below

Capture them alive!

PCs: Lesandra Human Ranger, Lamyl Human Fighter, Tremolo Gnome Cleric, Ar’Lii Wood-elf Bard, Grimgor Half-orc Barbarian

The player playing Gus was not here this week, as he was on vacation in Germany. We did, however, have 2 additional players: Ar’Lii the Wood-elf Bard and Grimgor the Half-orc Barbarian. It took about a half hour to help create Ar’Lii from scratch, and finish Grimgor who had already been started previously in the day.

So we left off with our party of adventurers leaving the city they met in and heading eastward for about a week toward the area of Haranshire. Their end point was Thurmaster where they planned to deliver a chest of reagents to a Wizard, but on the way they planned to catch a barge in Millborne to make their journey a little easier. During the trip Lamyl asked the Cleric, Tremolo, about whether he had ever heard of a God dying before, and if so, how. The question confused and somewhat unnerved Tremolo and Grimgor. Tremolo had never heard of such a thing (he rolled low on his Religion check, or he might have known about a couple of dieties who had ‘died?’ such as Orcus). Lamyl had trouble with a minor God inhabiting her and slowly consuming her essence, and she was not sure whether or not she had fully been rid of it yet.

When our adventurers were only a few hours from Milborne, they met a few weary looking farmers passing them on the road. They hailed the farmers and asked how far from town they were, but before they could get an answer, they were attacked by arrows from the forest they were passing close by! When they turned to fight the archers, the ‘farmers’ closed ranks and attacked the party as well, calling out to ‘Capture that one alive’ (pointing at Tremolo). They fought off the 7 gnome-nappers (apparently) without too much trouble, though Lesandra and Grimgor got close to 0 HP and Tremolo was forced to cast some healing spells. Near the end of the fight, our party was helped out by a few silvery Magic Missiles, which finished off the last gnome-napper.

The Magic Missile-er introduced herself as Jelenneth, and asked if she could come with them the rest of the way into town, which they were happy to agree to. They chatted as they walked and she suggested they stay in town at The Baron of Mutton, the nicer inn/tavern in Milborne, and suggested they stay away from The Silver Crown, and DEFINATELY stay away from the meat-pies there. Once they got to Milborne, Grimgor (followed by Ar’Lii) immediately made for The Silver Crown and ordered their strongest ale along with a meat-pie. Heartened by his lack of food poisoning, he ordered another and promptly became ill. Meanwhile, Tremolo and Lamyl checked out the local temple, where the young priest there treated Lamyl well and Tremolo (the party cleric) with a cold shoulder. Tremolo thought it was because he is a gnome and thus decided to use his racial cantrip, minor illusion, to disguise himself as a human for the rest of the time he was in Milborne.

The party ended up staying the night at The Baron of Mutton, which had pretty nice rooms, and even provided them with baths in the morning (wow!). In the morning, they met Jelenneth in the dining room, with her fiancee. They chatted for a bit longer with her, then split up to make a few final preparations before catching a ride on the ferry to Thurmaster. Grimgor bought some smoked eels (yum?) from the odd-looking and slightly off-putting store owner Rastifer. Ar’Lii talked to the local carpenter/bowyer (a retired ranger) about making a bow for her. Lamyl, Lesandra, and Tremolo bought some bread from the town baker, Jelenneth’s mother.

After that, the party met up at the docks and caught a ride on the ferry as paid guards. Tremolo saw a wolf in the underbrush, and cast a minor illusion of a wounded-looking ewe nearby, but strangely the wolf seemed to ignore it. Grimgor’s curiosity was getting the better of him and he voted to open the chest the party was transporting, but Tremolo cast Detect Magic on it and it had a couple of spells upon it, so the rest of the party outvoted Grimgor and nobody opened the chest. Other than that, it was a peaceful day’s ride to Thurmaster.

In Thurmaster, the party met up with Tauster, to whom they delivered the chest. Everyone was curious as to what was inside, so Tauster grudgingly showed them. A spool of silver thread, a cone of horn, a tiny bell, vials of bat guano… basically, spell components for evocation spells of low level. Tauster signed their contract and told them they could get paid at any Temple, suggesting they head back to Milborne the next day. He also asked them for a favor, if they were heading that way. When they agreed, Tauster asked them to send his apprentice Jelenneth to him. We ended the session with the party finding lodging in a less savory tavern than the one they had stayed at in Milborne.


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