Broken Spire Keep

Historically, this was the original home of the Parlfrays, built by Count Sarden Parlfray and kept garrisoned by his descendants as a central defense within the Thornwood, manned by a vigilant body of men-at-arms to counter the constant threat posed by the humanoids of the Thornwood. Exactly what transpired at the keep prior to its abandonment is unknown. A supply party found the bodies of the men there horribly mutilated, with expressions of marrow-chilling terror on their faces. Every last man-at-arms had been slain, yet the defenses of the keep had not been breached in any way. Even more suprising was that despite the fall of the keep the humanoids became less aggressive and appeared to shun the place as much as the men of the area.

The keep stands in a clearing, which extends for some 100 feet all around it. To the northeast, to the side of the small watchtower, lay the shattered remains of the stone spire that once topped it. The tower is some 30’ high, the walls of the rest of the keep 15’ high. The vegetation here is yellowed and unhealthy, clearly effected by some curse or blight.

There was originally an evil shrine located in the basement level, but Tremolo the cleric has un-desecrated it.

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Broken Spire Keep

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