Xantari's Night Below

Start of season 2

The players in these sessions were Lamyl the human fighter, Tremolo the wood-gnome cleric, Chewie the dragonborn fighter, Harbek the dwarf fighter, and we were joined by a new player Raurel the half-elf bard.

The party was stopped by a group of Svirfneblin (deep gnomes) led by the priestess Carmeneren. The gnomes had useful information for the party, but would only give it to them if they could prove themselves capable by exterminating a tribe of trolls who had been making trouble in the nearby cave system recently. The party agreed, but wanted to return above ground to gear up for a longer mission underground.

The party returned to Haranshire and relaxed and re-supplied for a bit, taking the time to manage the bar that they own and to meet with Count Sandior Parlfray, who gave them the deed to Broken Spire Keep in payment for them clearing out the local bandits and stopping the kidnappings. The party also encountered Raurel, who had heard about the goings on in the area and wanted to join in the adventuring.

Wanting to restore their newly acquired keep to functionality, the party asked around for craftspeople, and heard rumors of stone giants who may be up for work. Garyld, the former ranger constable did not know where they were but directed the party to Shiraz. The party hired Garyld and Capella and some townspeople to start building a road from town to their keep in the Thornwood and Blessed Wood and went to find Shiraz, who ranged about in nature and did not stay in town. Shiraz was happy to lead them to the ordning of stone giants who resided in the Great Rock Dale.

When they reached the giants, the leader of the order named Adahn was happy to talk business, and offered to restore the keep for more gold than the party had. The party talked him in to a deal where he requested unworked crystal, and he would knock the price down for each pound of crystal they could bring him. The party decided to talk to the svirfneblin to find out if they knew of any veins of crystal available underground.

While the party was under the hospitality of the stone giants, Harbek got drunk and wanted to gamble with or compete with some of the stone giants. Eventually, one of the stone giants, a female named Valer, took him up on his offer and suggested they hold a Caber toss. Valer won, but Harbek put up a good showing, and seemed to have won Valer’s respect in the process.


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